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How do you fix bruxism?

Bruxism Treatment | Humble DentistryThere are some estimates that as many as 40 million children and adults in the United States suffer from bruxism, or teeth grinding. Some people only do it occasionally, such as during times of stress. Others do it chronically—often unconsciously—and it is the latter that can cause a lot of problems. Symptoms are uncomfortable and painful, and you can cause permanent damage to your teeth and degeneration of the jaw joint if the problem is not addressed. 

A night splint, or night guard, is one of the most common ways to address this habit. The splint creates a barrier between the upper and lower teeth so clenching and grinding will not cause fractures or other damage to the teeth during sleep. 

There are some instances where further treatment might be required. These include: 

  • Using restorative dentistry to rebuild teeth that are worn down from years of grinding 
  • Correcting a misaligned bite with orthodontics so that the upper and lower teeth hit one another properly 

In extreme cases, we might recommend surgery that can restore the function of the jaw joint. 

Chat With Your Dentist About Bruxism

If you know or suspect you are suffering from teeth grinding, talk to us at Humble Dentistry about bruxism and TMJ treatment at our Humble, TX practice. Getting treatment is crucial for your oral health! 

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