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Can You Get a Cavity on the Back of Your Front Teeth?

October 17, 2022
Posted By: Humble Dentistry

Most people think that the hallmark of healthy teeth is a beautiful smile, which is mostly the product of how your front teeth look. This is because molars and other back teeth are mostly hidden. So if you want to keep your smile at its brightest, then your Humble, TX dentist should carefully care for a cavity in a front tooth.

One challenge when treating tooth cavities is that while teeth may appear flat, they are complex, three-dimensional structures. So as you brush the fronts of your teeth and floss between, you may wonder if you should be cleaning the backs of your teeth. This portion, known as the distal surface, is also susceptible to tooth decay, but it can be treated with tooth-colored fillings and even prevented through regular dental cleanings and good home care.

Professional Dental Cleanings Help Prevent Cavities on the Backs of Teeth

If you find it difficult to brush the backs of your teeth, it's no wonder; toothbrushes weren't designed for it. The bristles on your brushwork with the curvature of your jaw are wrongly oriented to handle the backside. But when you visit Humble Dentistry for a dental exam and cleaning, our hygienists use special tools and techniques to clean every tooth surface. And it helps that they can reach your teeth's distal surfaces where you cannot.

How We Fix a Cavity on the Back of a Front Tooth

But if tooth decay has caused a cavity on the back of a tooth, you'll likely become aware when you feel a pit, hole, or rough spot with your tongue. Your dentist also can detect a cavity during your exam or with a digital x-ray. Either way, we will fix this cavity with a tooth-colored filling, which treats the tooth decay without being noticeable. In fact, we match your tooth color exactly when we use tooth-colored composite materials, so your smile will actually look better as your oral health improves.

Fixing a Cavity in Front Teeth in Humble, TX

Though you can't see the backs of your teeth, caring for them is just as vital. So whether you need a composite filling or want to prevent cavities through professional cleaning, we invite you to call our dental office to schedule a convenient appointment today.

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