Emergency Dentistry in Humble, TX

Dental emergencies are inconvenient, confusing, painful, and often overwhelming. Dealing with a dental emergency is scary, but thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. At Humble Dentistry, you always have the help of your trusted emergency dentist in Humble, TX.

We all hope never to experience a dental emergency, but the reality is that many of us will, at some point in our lives. Our dental practice can guide you through the treatment process for common emergency conditions like knocked-out teeth. Our knowledgeable dentist, Dr. Robert Appel, has seen many dental emergencies over the years and knows how to repair broken teeth in Humble, TX.woman with dental emergency in Humble TX

The next time you or a loved one go through a dental emergency, don’t wait to call us any time of day at (281) 446-2362. We will get you the treatment you need and repair your smile so you can move on with your life!

How do I stay calm during my dental emergency? 

During emergencies, our first instinct is often to panic. Dental emergencies, unfortunately, are no exception. So many things that surround dental emergencies can make us feel afraid—everything from the pain to the shock to the fear of the unknown. We recognize that it’s easy to freak out when you break or chip a tooth, but we still recommend staying as calm as you can. 

Remaining cool and collected amid a dental emergency probably feels easier said than done. After all, your smile is a crucial part of who you are, and it’s scary when something terrible happens to it. But staying calm during a dental emergency in Humble, TX is one of the best ways to protect your smile and minimize your risk of future damage. When you’re calm, you can think clearly and act quickly to make decisions that can save your tooth! 

If you’re on the brink of a meltdown thanks to a dental emergency, there are a few tricks you can try to help yourself calm down:

  • Call your Humble, TX emergency dentist right away. The faster you make your emergency dental appointment, the sooner you can get the professional treatment your smile needs
  • Take an over-the-counter painkiller to get you through the short-term. Many dental emergencies are, unfortunately, quite painful. We’ll work on relieving your pain once you get to our dental office, but to get through the initial minutes or hours after your injury, try a dose of ibuprofen to help minimize your discomfort
  • Keep the injured area as clean as possible. Dental injuries are not only unsanitary, but they can sometimes be frightening to look at. You are much more likely to panic if you look in the mirror and see a tooth dangling out of your mouth or your face covered in blood. Wash your face, hands, and neck to remove any blood or germs, and gently rinse your mouth with warm water to remove debris

The best thing you can do for your damaged smile is to see your emergency dentist in Humble, TX as soon as possible so we can examine your smile and decide on the right course of treatment. If you’ve experienced a dental emergency, call Humble Dentistry immediately at (281) 446-2362. 

What if my dental emergency can’t wait until morning? 

The nature of emergencies is that they happen at unexpected and inconvenient times. If you’re like many of our patients, there’s a good chance your dental emergency in Humble, TX won’t Cartoon image of tooth with stethoscope l Emergency Dentistry Humble TXhappen during business hours. Dental emergencies are particularly common in the evenings and on weekends when people participate in rec leagues or intramural sports teams. 

If your dental emergency happens late at night and cannot wait until morning, don’t worry—that’s precisely why we're here. You should always call our dental office immediately after your dental emergency so that we can learn more about your injuries and assess the situation. 

If we think our Humble, TX emergency dentist needs to see you right away, we’ll schedule a dental appointment no matter how late or early in the day it is. If your injuries aren’t too severe and if we believe you can manage the condition until the next business day, we’ll schedule you for a dental appointment with Dr. Appel during our regular hours. 

Is a broken tooth a dental emergency?

Usually, yes. A broken or chipped tooth in Humble, TX is never good, and most will require immediate treatment. 

If you broke your tooth into multiple pieces, or if a large chunk is missing from your tooth, you probably have a dental emergency on your hands. 

If your tooth sustained a small crack or has a minor chip in it, your treatment can most likely wait until we're open the next morning. 

Dental emergencies usually include conditions like:

  • Significant bleeding
  • A broken jaw
  • Knocked-out teeth 
  • Excruciating toothaches 
  • Infections 
  • Shattered, broken or chipped teeth 

At Humble Dentistry, we treat all types of dental emergencies in Humble, TX. If you’re not sure if your condition is a real emergency, the smartest thing to do is call and speak with a member of our clinical staff. If your treatment isn’t emergent, we’ll recommend at-home remedies to get you by until tomorrow. Alternatively, for more severe conditions, we’ll schedule an emergency dentistry appointment and get you the help you need.

Can you get rid of my pain? 

One of the scariest parts of emergency dentistry can be the pain you feel.

Nobody likes to be in pain, but the sensations can feel stronger than usual when you are in the midst of a dental emergency. 

At Humble Dentistry, when you come into our dental office for a dental emergency, our priority is to make sure you’re safe and that your smile is not in any immediate danger. As soon as we’ve assessed your condition, we immediately turn our focus toward relieving your pain. 

It’s normal to feel all sorts of unpleasant sensations that accompany dental injuries such as avulsed teeth, broken teeth, oral infections, or painful tooth decay. We will do everything we can to get rid of your pain as quickly as we can. Depending on your type of dental emergency in Humble, TX, we may relieve your pain in one of several ways:

  • Oral surgery or dental procedures such as a root canal
  • Antibiotics and prescription painkillers 
  • Topical anesthetics 
  • Injections of local anesthetics 

Our goal is always to minimize or completely relieve your pain. The type of pain you feel during your dental emergency will depend on the mechanism of your injury. For example, a severe toothache will need different treatment for pain than a broken jaw. Sometimes, a prescription medication will be enough to get rid of your dental pain, while other times, you may need treatment like a root canal or even a tooth extraction.

No matter the type of injury, our Humble, TX emergency dentist can treat your condition and relieve your pain. 

Get Emergency Dental Treatment in Humble, TX

Remember, our dental practice is here for you any time you need to schedule emergency dental treatment. If you have an injured tooth, don’t wait to get the treatment you need. Our caring clinical staff and Dr. Appel will have your smile fixed up and get you on the road to recovery in no time. 

Call us at (281) 446-2362 whenever you have a dental emergency. We’re here to help!