Cosmetic Dentistry in Humble, TX

If you’re unhappy with your smile, our cosmetic dentist in Humble, TX can help. Dr. Robert Appel partners with patients to help them achieve their best smile, and he offers options that fit into most budgets.

A misaligned smile, discolored teeth, and missing teeth impact your emotional well-being. Additionally, some cosmetic issues also take a toll on your oral and physical health. Cosmetic dentistry in Humble, TX may be the solution you’ve been seeking.

If you would like to schedule an exam with Dr. Robert Appel, our top cosmetic dentist in Humble, TX, we invite you to give us a call. If you have questions about our cosmetic services, continue reading to learn more—and always get in touch with us if you need additional information or clarification.

Will cosmetic dentistry in 77338 work for me?

The first step on your journey to a great smile is working with a great dentist who can determine whether cosmetic dentistry is right for you. You also want a dentist who understands your smile goals.

Your cosmetic dental exam will include an oral health check to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy enough for cosmetic dentistry. This visit may consist of x-rays.  You will also share your smile goals with Dr. Appel and ask any questions that you may have.  If you have dental health issues, this does not rule out cosmetic dentistry. Some pre-services may be required.

At Humble Dentistry, we want to make sure we provide you with the results you’ve been looking for!

What are tooth-colored restorations and dental bonding?

At Humble Dentistry, we match your restorations to your smile, including fillings, crowns, bridges, dental implants, and partial dentures. We know you want a seamless smile, and we would not allow you to settle for anything less!

Dr. Appel meticulously shades your restorations to fit in naturally across your smile.

Additionally, dental bonding relies on the same resin we use to create tooth-colored fillings. Dental bonding is inexpensive and conceals several smile flaws, including:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Flaws in teeth

Dental bonding is also inexpensive and noninvasive.

Can veneers give me a smile makeover?

A veneer is a thin layer of ceramic or tooth-colored composite filling material that covers the front of a tooth. It is like a contact lens for your eyes or acrylic nails for your fingers.

Depending on your dental condition, veneers can do some or all of the following: 

  • Improve the color, size, length, or shape of your teeth
  • Help close small spaces between your teeth
  • Repair chipped, worn, or decayed teeth

Our goal is to give you the confidence to smile by making natural-looking teeth that accentuate your personality and compliment your natural beauty. At the end of treatment, your smile should look as if it was naturally beautiful and never had any dental treatment.

Sometimes we can make veneers without any adjustments to your teeth, but most cases require some removal of tooth structure to give space for the ceramic or composite material. The amount of tooth structure removed depends entirely upon the condition of the existing teeth and the outcome you are trying to achieve.

Are you interested in veneers or a smile makeover? Give us a call today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Appel and our team to find out what is possible to transform your smile!

What if I have tooth loss?

We offer tooth replacement solutions, including dental bridges and full and partial dentures. However, the best solution to tooth loss is dental implants in Humble, TX. Dental implants replace your tooth and its root, relying on sturdy posts to permanently secure your new tooth and take the place of your lost root.

cosmetic dentist in humble tx | humble dentistryDental implants prevent jawbone shrinkage and tooth shifting—natural occurrences when teeth are missing from the root.

 Complete tooth loss does not rule you out for dental implants. Our experienced cosmetic dentist in Humble, TX evaluates you to make sure you’re a good candidate for dental implants.

The good news is that a few dental implants—usually four on top and four on the bottom—can support an entire arch of natural-looking restoration teeth!

Implant-supported dentures are the best option for complete tooth loss for the following reasons:

  • Implant-supported dentures in Humble, TX offer a permanent solution to tooth loss.
  • Implant-supported dentures mean no more adhesives or realigns.
  • Implant-supported dentures restore your bite strength and allow you to eat more of your favorite foods.

Dental implants are small titanium screws implanted in your jaw. These screws fuse with your jawbone over a period of months and create a sturdy base for restoration teeth.

It’s important to care for dental implants and follow cleaning instructions provided by our dentist. Dental implants in Humble, TX cannot protect against gum infections or periodontal disease, which may cause you to lose your implants.  

If you’re considering dental implants or implant-supported dentures, contact us to schedule an exam with our Humble, TX dentist. If you have questions about dental implants, get in touch with our dental office today.

How does professional teeth whitening in Humble, TX work?

At Humble Dentistry, we offer in-office and take-home teeth whitening systems.

In-office teeth whitening in Humble, TX whitens your smile in a single visit, and it is a great precursor to take-home whitening.

With take-home teeth whitening, we provide a custom take-home tray and professional-strength whitening gel. With this system, you can whiten on your own time, provided you follow the instructions given by a member of our dental team.

Professional teeth whitening is more effective than anything you can purchase in your local drugstore.  Also, we do not recommend whitening your teeth without the input of a dental professional—products from the store or online can be abrasive and harmful.

What is a full smile makeover?

A full smile makeover considers all aspects of your smile. And it is the ideal course if you have multiple cosmetic dental issues and oral health problems.

This approach borrows from any aspect of dentistry to bring your smile and oral health in line. It may include combination therapies such as professional teeth cleaning, filling or repairing old cavities, dental implants, and even Invisalign, for example.

Your cosmetic dentist in Humble, TX will work with you to choose the best combination of therapies to meet your needs and budget. A smile makeover can also work across a timeline that fits your finances and lifestyle.

If you have any questions about full smile makeovers in Humble, TX, contact a dental team member today.

Is cosmetic dentistry in Humble, TX expensive?

Cosmetic dentistry pricing varies substantially depending on the service or services you choose. Fortunately, we have inexpensive options available, and we can work with you to repair your smile on a timeline.

Additionally, we accept CareCredit, a credit card that allows patients to receive the treatments they desire—from general to cosmetic—and pay off the balance over a predetermined period. CareCredit allows for interest-free financing and convenient monthly payments. The online application is simple, and it takes only minutes to learn whether you qualify. A member of our team can help you through the process.

At Humble Dentistry, our top dentist does not want you to put off treatment or ignore your smile goals because of immediate budget concerns.

If you have any additional financing questions, get in touch with a Humble Dentistry team member today.

Restore Your Smile with Our Cosmetic Dentist in Humble, TX

If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry in Humble, Atascocita, and Kingwood TX, contact a team member to schedule an exam with our dentist. If you have questions about cosmetic dentistry—or other aspects of dentistry—contact us today.