Teeth Whitening in Humble, TX

Have you noticed that your smile is not quite as bright and white as it used to be?

Stained teeth are a natural part of the aging process. When teeth become darker, it may affect your self-confidence, especially if you have yellow or brown stains caused by tobacco use, coffee, or dietary choices.

woman sitting and smiling Most people know that smoking and coffee consumption can take a toll on your smile, but colorful, healthy foods, including berries, spices, and dark vegetables, can also leave color deposits on teeth that, over time, build up and darken their appearance.

If you would like a whiter smile, opting to proceed with teeth whitening immediately following your dental cleaning will give you great results.

In-Office Professional Whitening

In-office teeth whitening can give you a head start toward a whiter smile fast. Applying professional-strength whitening gel in the office will brighten your smile in one visit.

This is most often used in conjunction with our take-home whitening system to achieve dazzling results.

Take-Home Custom Whitening Systems

The most popular way to whiten teeth is a take-home custom whitening system. We use whitening gel that comes in a variety of strengths to help patients achieve their goals for their smiles while avoiding sensitivity.

  1. We will begin by taking impressions of teeth
  2. Measure your before shade with a shade guide
  3. We create models of your teeth
  4. We use models as the template to create your whitening trays
  5. Your whitening trays will fit your teeth snugly
  6. Wear your trays with gel 1-2 hours per day for two weeks
  7. Measure your final result with a shade guide
  8. Touch-up when necessary

It is important to follow instructions exactly. More gel or longer tray use does not necessarily mean better results and can cause sore gums or sensitivity.

What if I Experience Sensitivity?

Sensitivity is the most common side effect of teeth whitening. If you have sensitive teeth, take a day or two off in between treatments to allow your teeth to recover. If you have gum woman smiling in dental chairrecession, you might feel more sensitive. Applying fluoride varnish to the exposed root can help with sensitivity. Dr. Appel may also recommend a milder professional gel to keep you comfortable.

If you have any side effects, give our cosmetic dentist a call, so we can help you enjoy a bright smile comfortably.

Contact Us to Learn More about a Whiter Smile

Professional teeth whitening provides better, more dramatic results than any drug store or online option. Teeth whitening in Humble, TX is safe for most healthy patients when completed under the supervision of an experienced dentist.

A whiter smile can add confidence and make you feel great about the way you look! So what're you waiting for? Contact our Humble, TX dentist office today! Our office is nearby the Atascocita and Kingwood area.