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Emergency Treatment

Sometimes the best replacement is with the natural tooth. Our patient accidentally broke his front two teeth (#8 and #9). Luckily, he kept the broken fragments and brought them to his emergency dental appointment. We were able to complete a root canal on tooth #8 because the nerve was exposed. Tooth #9 didn’t have a nerve exposure, so it did not need a root canal at this time. We carefully cleaned the teeth and the broken fragments. Then we reattached the broken portions with tooth colored filling material. We adjusted the teeth to minimize pressure on them when chewing, then polished both teeth to minimize staining along the crack. If the teeth are damaged again in the future, then we can repair them with direct composite veneers or lab made ceramic crowns. 

Dental Trauma Tip: Keep the broken teeth and bring them to your emergency dental appointment. 

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Service Performed By:

Robert Appel, DMD

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