Preventive Dentistry in Humble TX

Each oral evaluation starts with educating patients on the current status of their oral health and then customizing and tailoring dental care to their needs. We take photos and digital radiographs and review our findings with the patient. 

This provides patients with a complete picture of their oral health and the information they need to make the best decisions possible regarding the health of their smile.

a man gets his teeth worked on by the dentist | humble tx preventive dentist Each patient receives a comprehensive evaluation based on four main aspects of oral health:

  • Evaluation of dental conditions
  • Jaw, bite, and muscle evaluation
  • Periodontal evaluation including gums and bone
  • Appearance of teeth and smile

Professional Dental Cleanings

No two patients are alike, and a personalized approach to dental cleanings adjusts to the changing needs of patients throughout their lifetimes.

Our hygienist has nearly 30 years of experience. She utilizes ultrasonic scalers and Oraquix® topical anesthetic for patient comfort. From routine dental cleanings to deep cleanings designed to control periodontal disease and keep the gums and bone that support teeth healthy, our hygienist will ensure your comfort and provide valuable information to help you stay on track for better oral health.

Some patients may require more frequent professional cleanings to better maintain their oral health, in which case we work with them to set up custom check-up schedules. 


Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride helps prevent decay by remineralizing the enamel that covers your teeth. We use fluoride varnish, which provides greater protection than the use of fluoride toothpaste alone. It can also improve sensitivity caused by gum recession.

We keep a variety of flavors of fluoride varnish for both children and adults. 

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a barrier that Dr. Appel applies to the grooves of the back teeth to prevent bacteria from causing decay in patients who have a history of decay or simply wish to add an extra layer of protection.

Dr. Appel will paint tooth-colored sealants into the grooves of teeth and harden the material with a special curing light. Sealants can last up to five years, and we can re-apply them if necessary. Sealants are less expensive than fillings and do not require the use of anesthetic.

Nightguards (Bruxism Splints)

Clenching and grinding the teeth, also called bruxism, leads to premature wear and fractures and can stress the jaw joints, causing pain and degeneration. A protective nightguard places a barrier between the upper and lower teeth during sleep and reduces damage and jaw or facial pain.

friends smile in front of a soccer goal | Preventive dentist in humble tx Athletic Mouthguards

Don’t let your favorite sport put your smile at risk! A custom athletic mouthguard will absorb the force from a tackle or a rogue fly ball.

Custom athletic mouthguards come in a variety of colors, allowing patients to show their team spirit or choose a clear, more discreet option.


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