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How can I fix my bruxism?

Bruxism Treatment | Humble Dentistry

Bruxism affects millions of people in the United States. It means you grind and clench your teeth. During the day, bruxism is a breakable habit, but many patients who suffer from grinding and clenching do so while sleeping, which makes curbing the practice difficult.

When left untreated, bruxism leads to cavities, worn teeth, and even breakage and tooth loss. Fortunately, Dr. Robert Appel offers bruxism help in Humble, TX.

Bruxism Treatment in Humble, TX

At Humble Dentistry, we create custom splints or nightguards to help save your smile. Nightguards create a gentle buffer between your top and bottom teeth to prevent grinding or clenching while asleep.

A member of our team takes impressions of your teeth and creates the best and most effective nightguard for you!

If you are already suffering the fallout from untreated bruxism, Dr. Appel also provides treatments to build up worn teeth and can even offer tooth replacement options for you. He can also help realign your smile if your teeth are no longer lining up properly for a safe and natural bite.

Schedule Your Bruxism Consultation in Humble, TX

It is the goal of your dentist in Humble, TX and his team to provide you with the best chance for a lasting smile.

If you notice pain in your teeth, jaw, or face upon waking, we encourage you to contact our dental office to schedule a bruxism exam with Dr. Appel.

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